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About Jim Walker

About Jim WalkerAs a Texas native and long-time South Carolina resident, I've dedicated my life to serving our nation and our community. With nearly 21 years in the U.S. Navy and extensive experience in law enforcement, I'm uniquely qualified to lead as Sheriff.My journey began in 1977 when I joined the U.S. Navy, where I proudly served until 1997. During my military career, I also embarked on my law enforcement path, attending the New Jersey State Academy for Drug Law Enforcement in 1983. Upon settling in South Carolina in 1990, I continued my service as a reserve officer, later transitioning to full-time law enforcement at the Summerville Police Department.My commitment to protecting and serving led me to the Bureau of Protective Services, where I safeguarded Governor Hodges and his family. In 2001, I joined the Richland County Sheriff's Department, rising through the ranks to the position of Sergeant over 15 years of dedicated service.Beyond my professional accomplishments, I'm a man of faith, an AF&AM Mason, and an active member of Eastlake Community Church. My education in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security from American Intercontinental University has equipped me with the skills and knowledge needed to address the complex challenges facing our community.My wife, Doris, and I, along with our three children, are deeply rooted in Richland County. As Sheriff, I will bring integrity, transparency, and compassion to the role, bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community we serve.

Paid for by Jim Walker for Richland County Sheriff


Peace and Justice:As a candidate for sheriff, I stand on the platform of restoring Peace and Justice to our communities. Inspired by biblical principles, I believe that without justice, there can be no peace. By prioritizing fairness, compassion, and community engagement, we can reduce crime and build safer, more cohesive neighborhoods. Read more

Accountability and Transparency:My platform prioritizes Accountability and Transparency in the Richland County Sheriff's Department. I will ensure openness through biennial "State of the County" addresses, revamp the Citizens' Advisory Council for impartiality, transfer investigative duties to external agencies like SLED, and mandate the release of bodycam footage within 72 hours, enhancing trust and community relations. Read more

Community Care and Protection:My platform emphasizes Community Care and Protection, shifting focus from traditional policing to proactive support. It includes transparency, holistic problem-solving, and community-driven partnerships. By prioritizing fairness, compassion, and collaboration, we aim to reduce crime and build safer, more cohesive neighborhoods. Read more

Effective Resource Management:My platform prioritizes Effective Resource Management, reclaiming management and operation of the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, implementing a robust Rehabilitation Plan, and introducing the "Zero Shots Campaign." These measures guarantee efficient resource allocation and promote safety and well-being in our communities. Read more

Paid for by Jim Walker for Richland County Sheriff

You can contact me at (803) 567-2329 or via email at If you prefer traditional mail, please address it to:Jim Walker for Richland County Sheriff
P.O. Box 30338,
Columbia, SC 29230
Alternatively, you can simply fill out the form below. If you have policy questions, want to learn more about me or my platform, or have ideas to improve the well-being of the citizens of Richland County, please feel free to share. Your engagement and suggestions are crucial to shaping a better future for our community.

Paid for by Jim Walker for Richland County Sheriff


Statement of Candidacy, Why I'm Running

I stand before you as a man of honor, loyalty, and courage, driven by a profound love for my country and a deep-seated belief in justice and democracy. Though retired from the military for almost 20 years, my commitment to service remains unwavering. I cannot stand idly by as my neighbors suffer due to poor planning and policy decisions.As a Navy veteran, I was taught that the captain goes down with the ship, signifying accountability for every life aboard. It's a principle I hold dear and one that underscores the urgent need for accountability in Richland County. The conditions at Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, the loss of life, and the looming lawsuits are a testament to failed leadership and a disregard for human life. It's a miscarriage of justice and a betrayal of the trust placed in law enforcement leadership.The rising tide of crime, particularly the senseless violence plaguing our streets, further compels me to action. I refuse to accept the status quo while our children perish and our communities suffer. My goal is to right the ship and bring unequivocal transparency and accountability to the Richland County Sheriff's Department.I bring with me not only the experience gained from years of service but also a vision for a better future—one where the sheriff's department works hand-in-hand with the community to ensure safety and justice for all. I'm running to bring about the change that Richland County desperately needs, to uphold the principles of fairness, transparency, and compassion. Together, we can build a county where every citizen is valued and protected. That's why I humbly ask for your support as I embark on this journey to create "Safer and Stronger Communities" in Richland County.

Paid for by Jim Walker for Richland County Sheriff


We welcome your support. Just let us know how you would like to help.

Paid for by Jim Walker for Richland County Sheriff